User-Blog for SAP Business ByDesign

Save license costs through an individually set up Authorization Concept and Business Roles

26 February 2019

To use SAP Business ByDesign, you pay monthly fees for your users These costs vary depending on the number of licenses and license types We often noticed that our new customers do not know the number...

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SAP Business ByDesign – Release 1902

12 February 2019

The SAP Business ByDesign What’s New blog gives you an overview about the new and changed features of SAP Business ByDesign 1902 Financial Management DATEV Extract - A new option has been...

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Integrate sales and cash transactions of an external system: Point-of-Sale Processes in SAP Business ByDesign

29 January 2019

In addition to the connection of a web shop, the connection of cash register systems to Business ByDesign is also frequently desired The processes in the point-of-sale area are divided into sales...

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Invoice projects in the right way! – Project Management in SAP Business ByDesign

15 January 2019

If your company is active in project management, it is not unusual for your employees to be on the road for a project and generate time and expense items to be invoiced to the customer for whom the...

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Using different set of books at the same time – HGB and IFRS in SAP Business ByDesign:

02 January 2019

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are international accounting standards for companies They were issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and have the...

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Enter multiple email addresses in SAP Business ByDesign

18 December 2018

With the new release, there are new features in output management One of the most demanded features is the entry of several email addresses as recipients This means that it is now possible to set...

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