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Connecting your SAP Business ByDesign system with SAP Crystal Reports

07 May 2019

What is Crystal Reports SAP Crystal Reports (CR) is a business intelligence software designed to create customized reports based on data from multiple sources CR offers a holistic solution for data...

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Process Control for blocked posting periods in SAP Business By Design

23 April 2019

Often it comes to the error message that a process cannot be completed because the related period is too far in the past Posting is not possible even though the period has not yet been closed This...

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Sending mass e-mails in SAP ByDesign

09 April 2019

Do you regularly send emails to a larger circle of people Do you need a quick and easy way to communicate with others Then the activation of mass e-mails is worthwhile for you Since this type of...

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Financial Closing in SAP Business ByDesign

26 March 2019

Every month, the challenge is to close periods promptly, report them and ensure that no more postings are made afterwards or during closing To close month-end closing correctly, you can use the...

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Editing Form Templates in SAP By Design

12 March 2019

Something bothering you about your forms Have you changed your logo and want to change it in your forms Here we explain how you can realize your requirements yourself First of all, where can you...

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Save license costs through an individually set up Authorization Concept and Business Roles

26 February 2019

To use SAP Business ByDesign, you pay monthly fees for your users These costs vary depending on the number of licenses and license types We often noticed that our new customers do not know the number...

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