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Process Control for blocked posting periods in SAP Business By Design


Often it comes to the error message that a process cannot be completed because the related period is too far in the past. Posting is not possible even though the period has not yet been closed.

This is because you can only post for late postings within the standard days, such as 15 or 30 days after the end of the period. This is a setting in fine tuning and cannot be changed retroactively. To be able to post the process anyway, you can perform process control. To do this, go to the “Company” view in the “General Ledger” work center. Here you can define exceptions for period control, document types and posting periods.

Only use process control in exceptional cases!

The settings you make there should only be defined in exceptional cases. These exceptions are not necessary if you use the financial closing functions provided in SAP ByD directly and sensibly. Read more about this topic in blog post “Financial Closing in SAP Business ByDesign”.

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