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Invoice projects in the right way! – Project Management in SAP Business ByDesign


If your company is active in project management, it is not unusual for your employees to be on the road for a project and generate time and expense items to be invoiced to the customer for whom the project is being implemented. In the view “Non Invoiced Time and Expense” in the Project Management work […]

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Using different set of books at the same time – HGB and IFRS in SAP Business ByDesign:


The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are international accounting standards for companies. They were issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and have the objective of enabling the publication of internationally comparable annual and consolidated financial statements independently of national legal regulations. In SAP Business ByDesign, you can maintain locally and internationally operating set […]

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Enter multiple email addresses in SAP Business ByDesign


With the new release, there are new features in output management. One of the most demanded features is the entry of several email addresses as recipients. This means that it is now possible to set specific recipients for a particular business document in the customer master. Finally you can define multiple recipient email addresses! For […]

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More user comfort through apps – also for SAP Business ByDesign!  


In some situations it is necessary that certain tasks can be carried out promptly and quickly so that the processes in the company run smoothly. As a user of Business ByDesign, you can be usefully supported by various apps. Below you will find a brief overview of various apps and their functions: SAP Business ByDesign […]

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Approval processes in SAP Business ByDesign


Maintain control over the processes in your system using approval processes! Approvals are tasks that the system sends to employees. Depending on what has been predefined in the approval process, the approval task goes, for example, to the superior who is named as the superior by the organizational structure, or to a special approver who […]

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