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Supplier Returns in SAP Business ByDesign

13 August 2019

Return to supplier processing enables you to return damaged or unwanted products from your supplier in a standard purchasing scenario All the data related to the return to supplier process is saved...

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More user comfort through apps – also for SAP Business ByDesign!  

04 December 2018

In some situations it is necessary that certain tasks can be carried out promptly and quickly so that the processes in the company run smoothly As a user of Business ByDesign, you can be usefully...

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Approval processes in SAP Business ByDesign

20 November 2018

Maintain control over the processes in your system using approval processes! Approvals are tasks that the system sends to employees Depending on what has been predefined in the approval process, the...

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Master data migration to SAP Business ByDesign using the migration template

20 March 2018

Master data such as materials, customers and suppliers form the basis for working in SAP Business ByDesign They are indispensable, which is why it is important to prepare them during implementation...

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