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Classify Customer Accounts appropriately in SAP Business ByDesign

08 October 2019

If you have a large number of customer accounts that have different levels of importance for your company, you can create classifications in the customer account master data Customer account...

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Sending mass e-mails in SAP ByDesign

09 April 2019

Do you regularly send emails to a larger circle of people Do you need a quick and easy way to communicate with others Then the activation of mass e-mails is worthwhile for you Since this type of...

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Save license costs through an individually set up Authorization Concept and Business Roles

26 February 2019

To use SAP Business ByDesign, you pay monthly fees for your users These costs vary depending on the number of licenses and license types We often noticed that our new customers do not know the number...

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Enter multiple email addresses in SAP Business ByDesign

18 December 2018

With the new release, there are new features in output management One of the most demanded features is the entry of several email addresses as recipients This means that it is now possible to set...

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Efficient Project Management with SAP Business ByDesign

23 October 2018

In order to successfully complete a project, you need good project management This includes the planning, control and monitoring as well as the optimal use of personnel, capital and budget...

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Including the company logo on the user surface

12 June 2018

Customize your SAP Business ByDesign interface and add your own company logo Knowing how, this setting is done simply and quickly Customize your SAP Business ByDesign interface to suit your...

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