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SAP Freelancer

Since the new SAP cloud solutions SAP Business ByDesign have only been available for a couple of years, there are not too many consultants available who have proven track record of delivering outstanding performances with these new solutions.

That’s the reason why we’re continously approached to work as freelancers on a variety of projects. Please feel free to contact us if you’re in the process of planning and staffing a project that involves SAP Business ByDesign! We’ve already worked on projects that were staffed by the customer itself, other SAP partners as well as projects coordinated by freelance agencies.

One reason why we’re chosen so often is our agile working method that works very well with projects at any scale:

  • You need an expert for financials in SAP Business ByDesign who has worked on international projects?
  • You’re looking for an experienced project manager who knows how to successfully deal with multiple parties (e.g. SAP, the customer and external consultants) at the same time?
  • You’d like to optimize your SAP cloud solution so that it better supports your daily operations?

SAP’s “best practices” are a good start, but we know how to get more of your system! And if you’re looking for continuing support you should also give us a call!

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