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SAP Implementation

The implementation of your new software is the key element to your success, next to choosing the right software that fits your company’s needs. That is the reason why you should include a consulting company for the implementation that understands your business and that you can trust.

We at Bösch follow a well developed system for the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign. Each step ensures the success of the implementation.

Therefore we defined several critical steps while the implementation, which are based on recommendations from SAP for ERP-software implementations.


1. Business Analysis

Before starting a project we identify the company’s needs by analysing both the company’s structure and it’s business processes. In the next step we match our results with the funtionality of the SAP cloud solutions we provide. During this process we discuss the pros and cons with the client and give advice whether the solution is a good fit for the company.

If we should determine that a company’s structures or business processes don’t work well the SAP cloud solutions we offer, we don’t hesitate to say “no” in order to protect our client from a decision that might not be the best suit in the long run.

After we’ve finished this detailed analysis we then submit an offer based on our results.

2. Project Preparation

During the project preparation we define the future project scope together with the customer:

Which functions of the system will be used? Who will be the key users? Are there any special topics like the integration of a web shop?

These and other questions will be answered to prepare the project. Furthermore we’ll analyse which of the customer’s processes need to be adapted to run smoothely with the new SAP system and therefore build the foundation for the company’s future success.

3. Implementation and Projekt Management

A field-tested concept is used to ensure an implementation that stays within the planned budget and time frame and meets the customers needs. With special tools that support our project management we operate hand in hand with our customers during every stage of the project. Since we appreciate our customers time, we’re very flexible in delivering our services via on-site workshops at the customer’s office or remote via online sessions.

4. Ongoing Support

You’ll need to know whom to call if an urgent topic comes up. Therefore we ensure that a personal contact person is available for you whenever you need them. This can be during the implementation as well as after the GoLive. We will support you and your team whenever help is needed.

And we don’t stop once the GoLive is done! We know that businesses are ever-changing and will help you from fixing small issues to larger changes on your company. Your new employee needs some training with the system? Forms need to be changed? Approval processes require to be changed? Just give us a call!

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