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Barcode configuration for labels with Scan4Cloud


Products and Stock

With the barcode scanner app “Scan4Cloud” you have the possibility to optimize your SAP Business ByDesign system with regard to all goods movements and to reduce error rates.

We are happy to support you in implementing the Scan4Cloud solution! For more information, please take a look at our blog article on simplifying logistics processes using barcode scanners.

In order to reduce the error rate in your warehouse and distribution, you confirm each individual object on a logistics task via the touch display or by scanning a barcode.

With Scan4Cloud you have several possibilities to define your own barcode identification codes. The advantage of configuring the barcode identification according to your needs is that you do not have to change existing number ranges or re-label your products and logistics areas.

Which objects are supported?

Scan4Cloud offers the possibility to scan all objects that are relevant for the confirmation of a logistics task.

Supported objects are:

  • GTIN
  • Identified stock
  • quantity
  • Product ID
  • logistics field
  • UoM
  • label ID
  • serial number
  • etc.

How can I define my rules?

Common rules for identifying barcodes use application identifiers, special prefixes and/or unique lengths. We will explain this to you below:

Application identifiers are definable characters that appear before or after a value. Example: A barcode for identifying the product 123456 with the application identifier 91 would be: 91123456

Special prefixes depend on your number range setting and can be used when one or more objects begin with unique characters. Example: If your serial numbers all begin with the letter S, a rule can be created that identifies all barcodes that begin with an S serial number.

The unique length also depends on your number range setting, as it allows you to define an object by defining space lengths. Example: If only your logistics areas consist of eight digits (for example, 03-02-06), this could be a rule to identify all the bar codes of the logistics areas.

The common rules do not fit to my processes!

If you cannot define a rule with common standard rules, you have the option of a user-defined rule. In this case, please contact us to discuss the possibilities for implementing your Scan4Cloud solution. An example of a custom rule could be the following definition: “All values containing at least one stroke are identified as logistics areas”.

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