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Individual Materials of Fixed Assets in SAP Business ByDesign

03 April 2018

SAP Business ByDesign offers a separate work center for fixed asset management in your company The work center "Fixed Assets" enables you to view and manage your assets You can purchase assets, set...

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Master data migration to SAP Business ByDesign using the migration template

20 March 2018

Master data such as materials, customers and suppliers form the basis for working in SAP Business ByDesign They are indispensable, which is why it is important to prepare them during implementation...

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Chinese Tax Rules “Golden Tax” in SAP Business ByDesign

06 March 2018

Chinese tax rules: Every country has its own typical tax rules China has its own tax system, too – the Golden Tax System or "Jinshui" or “Fapiao” as it is also called Tax rules in China...

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Expansion to China with SAP Business ByDesign – Own experience

20 February 2018

Companies are expanding to China Around the year 2000, many international companies expanded their business to China and opened sublocations there to take advantages of the strategic and growing...

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Integration of a Third Party Logistics Process in SAP Business ByDesign

06 February 2018

In order to focus on their core business, many companies pursue the route of outsourcing logistics processes regarding goods flows from the supplier to their site and to the customer to external...

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Using ACH payments instead of checks in SAP Business ByDesign

23 January 2018

It is becoming more and more common that your suppliers no longer want to be paid by check but via ACH payments ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH)...

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