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Using ACH payments instead of checks in SAP Business ByDesign


It is becoming more and more common that your suppliers no longer want to be paid by check but via ACH payments. ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.

Don’t worry! SAP Business ByDesign also supports the ACH Payments format.

This is how you create ACH Payments in your system:

The process does not deviate greatly from your check-payment process. As soon as all settings are set in the master data, you can simply select “Actions for Bank Transactions” in the payment monitor instead of “Actions for Checks”. The system will create a payment file in ACH format.

Read this article for more information regarding creating payment files: “File Management in Liquidity Management in SAP Business ByDesign”.

As soon as the payment file in ACH format is created you can download it in the view “Outbound Files”. In a next step you upload the file into your banking tool where the payment will be submitted.

Make sure that your system uses the right ACH format:

To ensure that the downloaded ACH payment file can be read by your banking tool it is important to work together with your bank. They have to provide the information how the ACH payment file need to look like. The bank needs to define the format for uploading ACH files to ensure your ACH files will be compatible and can be submitted.

As soon as the format is known the format settings in SAP Business ByDesign can be adapted so that the system fits the requirements by the bank.

Feel free to reach out to Bösch! We’ve implemented ACH payments for our customers several times and we know the difficulties that can occur.

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