User-Blog for SAP Business ByDesign

Maintenance and upgrades in Business ByDesign

01 September 2016

When wishing to use a reliable and modern system, we are often confronted with the issue of how to achieve it Some ERP solutions need to be painstakingly updated, especially if they have been...

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SAP Business ByDesign as an App

14 August 2016

This gives you convenient access to your data anytime and anyplace As cloud-based software, SAP Business ByDesign can be accessed conveniently from all mobile end devices That allows you to use the...

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Globalization – The Focus of Development at SAP

05 July 2016

Among the impressions left by the Business ByDesign Conference in Orlando, Florida, two subjects kindled the interest of companies active on the international scene – enterprises that inevitably...

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How secure is data in the SAP Cloud for Customers?

25 May 2016

The subject of ‘data protection’ plays an ever greater role, especially in today’s society Whereas nobody paid any attention to terms and conditions of business or the collection of personal...

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How can SAP products be implemented with agility?

06 May 2016

There are different ways to implement the SAP products in existing IT structures The choice depends on whether the future user can define all requirements for his SAP system right at the start If...

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Software as a service – a model for the future

18 April 2016

Nowadays, monthly subscriptions for digital services are a matter of course – for example storage space in a cloud or music streaming services Instead of purchasing a product individually, a type...

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