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Consolidation / Reporting across Multiple Countries and Subsidiaries

29 January 2017

Requirement set A group has several subsidiaries in different countries These countries have country-specific charts of account Uniform reporting is called for, in which all country-specific general...

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E-balance (GERMANY) in SAP Business ByDesign

29 December 2016

In Germany, companies are obliged by law to communicate their financial data to the authorities in electronic form (Section 5b of the Income Tax Act) This is done automatically via an electronic...

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Pitfalls in organizational management

27 August 2016

To ensure the structure and transparency of your company, good organizational management is indispensable Modeling the organizational structure based on an organizational chart makes it easier to...

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Payment transactions in SAP Business ByDesign and link to banks

09 August 2016

Payment transactions Automatic process SAP Business ByDesign gives you the option of creating a payment suggestion list via a payment run Based on the set date indications in the run as well as...

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Job order production practically implemented in the system

21 July 2016

From time immemorial, many manufacturing companies have had to maintain a delicate balancing act between efficiency and flexibility If a machine fails, the orders have to be rescheduled so as to be...

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