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Payment transactions in SAP Business ByDesign and link to banks


Payment transactions

Automatic process

SAP Business ByDesign gives you the option of creating a payment suggestion list via a payment run. Based on the set date indications in the run as well as the invoice date and payment terms in supplier invoices, the payment run decides whether these are due and proposes such for payment. You can then select and decide which of the suggestions you really wish to pay. You can select for each supplier as well as according to individual documents in the supplier.

You can then summarize the generated payments in a payment file and have this created. Payment files can then be exported and integrated in a bank program. Your bank automatically makes the payments contained in these payment files. So the need to create manual transfers in your bank’s online banking is now well and truly confined to the past.

The function for generating payment suggestions along with the option for creating payment files saves an enormous amount of time. Invoices due for payment no longer have to the localized manually, while manual transfers in online banking can also be dispensed with.

Manual process

Alternatively or additionally, the system also gives you the option of generating payments for suppliers or individual invoices manually and then creating a payment file that can be integrated in the bank program or then manually performing the transfer in your bank’s online banking.

Link with banks

The bank master data plus associated bank accounts are all saved in the system. As described above, this enables payments and payment files to be generated for integration in a bank program and also allows you to upload bank account statements to the SAP Business ByDesign system.

Bank statements can be downloaded in MT940 format (or also other country specific formats) from your bank program or from your bank’s online banking and integrated in the SAP Business ByDesign system. You can then assign invoices, payments or general ledger account assignments to the relevant account statement items in the account statements in order to be able to settle these. This ensures integration of the payment and liquidity management system in the system.

To avoid having to manually pay each individual item in the bank statements, SAP Business ByDesign provides the option of defining rules that perform automatic payments and/or suggestions for the payments in which a usage purpose analysis is conducted. Invoices, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger account assignments for e.g. postings recurring monthly are automatically assigned to the bank statement items. This allows considerable time saving in the operative business of accounting.

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