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Tips on user administration in SAP Business ByDesign


You can create a new system user for a new employee or service provider. Users are generated automatically for employees if the personnel administrator enters all information correspondingly in the workcenter Personnel Administration, whereas service providers always need to be created manually via the workcenter Business Partner Data. After setting up these users, the system automatically creates a task, which is sent to the relevant superior, who defines the desired system access in a notice so as to finally send the task back to the administrator, who performs the implementation in the system in the workcenter Application and User Management in the view User and Access Management. If a superior has not been assigned, the task is sent directly to the administrator.

The corresponding User and Access Management workcenter can be used to create and change the user-specific properties of an business user, for example the user ID, the password or the validity data, which are based on the framework conditions of the employment contract. The initial password must be set when activating the user. A change prompt then appears when first logging in to the system.

If the password is entered incorrectly five times in succession, the system blocks the user’s password, which then has to be unblocked by the administrator in the user attributes as follows:

Go to the Application and User Management workcenter and select the view Business Users, highlight the line of the corresponding employee and edit the attributes.

A new password can then be set in the user data.

Likewise users can also be blocked or unblocked if the intention is to prevent employees from being able to log in to the system. Either owing to change projects or as a result of employment having been terminated.

The crucial difference between a password and user block is that the user can no longer log in to the system via the login screen but only with a certificate in the case of a password block. If the user is blocked, however, a system login is completely impossible.

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