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Scoping in SAP Business ByDesign


If you want to implement SAP ByDesign, first of all the scoping is done to see which requirements your company has and which processes it needs. This requires basic information about your company, country- and industry-type, or you can use an implementation project template. Based on your decisions, the system creates a task list with mandatory implementation and project management tasks. This list is also called Fine Tuning.

This data allows the system to filter out which workcenters and views you need and which you do not.

Step 1: “Country and industry type” –> “Next”.

Step 2: “Implementation focus” –> “Next”.

Step 3: ” Define the scope of the solution ” –> Select the desired functions here. -> “Next”.

Step 4: “Questions” –> The questions available here result from the points selected in step 3 –> “Next”.

Step 5: “Check” –> Here you can download the settings as a PDF file. This is done for security reasons. –> “Finish”.

Step 6: Log out and log in again

Before the solution can be started productively, the project management tasks have to be completed. After the scoping has been completed and the system has gone live, it can be very time-consuming to change something in the scoping afterwards.


In order to change something in the system afterwards, the production startup must be confirmed and completed. Changes to configuration elements or adding elements to the current solution scope are only minor changes and not very time-consuming. For more complex solution changes it is necessary to create a new change project. To do this, you must search for the element to be edited in the “Overview” view in the WorkCenter “Business Configuration”. In the Status column, you can see whether it is already included in the solution scope or not. In the Change column, you can also see at a glance whether the element can be changed immediately or whether a change project must be created.

You have the possibility to add milestones and/or explanations to the task list. In a change project, milestones serve as a progress indicator for your change project and explanations serve as instructions and help.

Scoping is accessed through the WorkCenter “Business Configuration” in the “Implementation Projects” view under the “Edit Project Scope” tab.

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