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Implementation made easy


The implementation of a new ERP solution includes all requisite steps to prepare the system, data and application users for the go-live. Before commencing the implementation, workshops are held in which the company’s scoping requirements are defined and the solution framework ascertained. Based on the defined scoping settings, an activities list is drawn up, which we “work through” during the implementation phase, so as to make all necessary settings corresponding to company-specific prerequisites.

Once the initial requirements have been finalized, the desired processes and master data need to be integrated in the system.

If you can and want to define all requirements clearly in advance, we suggest the “waterfall” project management method. However, if you still wish to make process definitions during the implementation, we can pursue an agile project management approach, which allows you to incorporate new specifications even after the project launch. For more detailed information on the agile introduction of SAP, read this article.

Before the implementation commences, we shall assist you in the form of workshops, thereby defining your business processes. We utilize business scenarios specified by SAP, as these precisely reflect the processes that can be mapped in ByDesign. During the introduction too, we optimize your business processes with you and customize your new system correspondingly so that cost and time savings can be realized, allowing you to use your system effectively in future.

With the agile implementation method, we incorporate the defined processes item by item in your new system. However, we need your continuous support in this respect. You will provide us with existing old data, which we can initially use to test all processes in the test system so we can subsequently transfer this into the productive system. The close cooperation and communication introduce you directly to the new system with training sessions, in which you work with your new software during the entire introductory phase, thereby allowing you to learn and consolidate your knowledge of the system before it goes live.

Even after the go-live, our expertise will remain available to you, allowing us to optimize the system with you in ongoing operation.

If we can assist you in your SAP Business ByDesign implementation, please feel free to contact us.

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