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Creating new user in SAP Business ByDesign


SAP Business ByDesign offers you a very easy way to create a new user for your system manually. To do so, first navigate to the “Personnel Administration”  workcenter and go to the view “Regular Tasks”.

Select the function “Hire Employee” there and navigate to the screen, where you need to provide all relevant information on the user. In the first step, it is important to ensure that the format of the personnel number corresponds to what was defined in the fine tuning.
The second step involves entering information on the employment. In the third step, you can add documents belonging to the newly created user. This is then followed by steps four and five, in which you check your entries once again and then finally confirm them.

After having progressed through all five steps, you can assign access rights and one or more user roles to the user in the “Application and User Administration” workcenter in the view “Business Users”. Here you can assign the required workcenters and workcenter views to the user, which are relevant for his work area.

The system offers suggestions for workcenters and workcenter views corresponding to the economic function of the organizational unit that is assigned to the user. All available workcenters and views are displayed in the “Workcenter and View Assignment”.

After having made the assignment, you should check whether the access rights are consistent. If there are conflicts in respect to the functional control for a work center or a view, go to the corresponding line to display the details on the conflicts in the “Functional Separation Conflicts” table.

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