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Cancelling Payment of a Customer Invoice


In the event of erroneous transactions in the system, it may be necessary to cancel the payment of a customer invoice. Depending on what kind of transaction is involved, the cancellation process will comprise a different number of steps.

Two different circumstances can be present:

  1. Payment in SAP ByDesign is posted in the system via an bank statement and the invoice was assigned to an bank statement item.
  2. A payment was created for the customer invoice in ByDesign and settled against the invoice. The payment was sent to the bank and appeared on the account statement in SAP. The payment was then assigned to the account statement item (Only relevant for direct debits or when using SEPA direct debit mandates).

The document flow of a customer invoice can appear as follows:

Depending on which case is present, you now have to perform one or two cancellations.

In case a & b

The payment assignment in the bank statement must be cancelled. Here you can click on the payment assignment number in the document flow of the customer invoice and then on “Display All” or you can do this simultaneously in the document flow of the bank statement item.

You can then click on “Cancel” in the payment assignment.

Only in case b:

In this case, the bank payment order or the generated payment still has to be cancelled in SAP. For this, click on the ID in the document flow of the customer invoice and then on “Display All”. Alternatively, you can perform the cancellation in the Payment Monitor view in the Payment Management work center.

The following two steps needs to be undertaken for both navigation options:

  1. Click on “Actions” and then “Revoke Status en Route”.
  2. Click on “Actions” and then “Cancel”.

You have now cancelled the erroneous payment.

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